Maylee and Fiona

Minimalist basics – versatile pieces perfect for dressing up or down. Mix and match with ease or wear them together for a classy and sophisticated ensemble.

Classic & Timeless

Elevate Your Style with VERI PERI's Timeless Classics – Perfect for Effortless Elegance at Any Age.

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Curated Pieces

We curate pieces designed to become wardrobe staples, lasting from season to season. Building around items you love ensures they are re-worn and re-styled, benefiting your budget and the earth.


Sustainable fashion considers people, animals, and the environment in clothing production. Take steps for better choices for yourself, the earth, and the beings we share it with.

Timeless Classics

We prioritize timeless and classic fashion, intentionally selecting clothing designed to stand the test of time rather than chasing fleeting trends. This ensures polished, effortless looks for any occasion, whether dressing up or dressing down—style that endures and remains relevant.

Giving Back

We believe in transparency and giving back. We donate 1% of our total annual sales to grassroots environmental groups through our membership with the charity 1% for the Planet—an alliance of businesses dedicated to protecting our planet.

Dove & Sasha

A seamless combination that can be worn together resembling a classic jumpsuit or separately to enhance any outfit.

Mindful Shopping: Curate with Love

Is it Versatile?

Versatility Matters: Consider the various ways you can wear an item. Avoid purchasing pieces that don't work in at least three different ways within your wardrobe. At VERI PERI, we prioritize wardrobe classics that are effortlessly styled, providing your wardrobe with more mileage.

Do You Love It?

When considering a purchase, ask yourself if you love it. Sometimes, we buy items simply because we 'like' them without considering if they truly fit our personal style or body. At VERI PERI, we're here to assist you in discovering what works for you, ensuring that the items you bring home are genuinely loved.

Galaway Plaid

Elevate any look with this piece, adding a touch of character to every outfit.

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Every piece available was curated to build out a timeless capsule wardrobe which stays in style with its classic design and luxury materials.

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language."

— Miuccia Prada

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