Shape/Silhouette: Round/Oval

Shape/Silhouette: Round/Oval

Shape/Silhouette: Oval/Round


Strengthen the shoulder line to balance middle body fullness. Draw attention up around the face.


  • Jackets or sweaters worn open that are either fingertip or duster length
  • Tops and jackets with details in the shoulder area, such as, yokes, wide lapels, shoulder pads, collars
  • Statement necklaces worn above the bust area or bold earrings
  • Pants and skirt with elastic waistbands that are wider and straighter cut 
  • Tapered pants and skirts with longer jackets and sweaters
  • Wide and low necklines such as v-neck, scoop,  boat/bateau and strapless
  • Loose, flowy and shorter sleeves
  • Straight to slightly fitted clothing but keep the fabric soft so you avoid unnecessary bulk around the bust, waist and tummy
  • Flowy, soft and medium fabrics


  • Tucking in shirts
  • Bulky shiny fabrics on lower body
  • Bold belts
  • Fitted tight sleeves
  • Tapered or skinny pants on their own (can be paired with flowy sweater/jacket)
  • Bulky fabrics
  • Extra embellishments and details around the midsection such as pleats, pockets and ruffles
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