Why VERI PERI Chose Them:

We love that their bags are versatile and durable with the goal to uplift the woman’s spirit who carries them. We love that they are washable, vegan friendly and are made to  last year after year. We love that they are a give back company and support Plan Canada's BECAUSE I AM A GIRL program.

In PreneLOVE's Words:

Our passion is design and we are constantly inspired by neoprene's remarkable versatility, durability and near limitless possibilities. We ultimately believe it's the small details that set us apart from everyone else. Top quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship is not an option in our world, it's mandatory. It's just that simple.

Our goal is to create bags that have the power to uplift a woman’s spirit, excite their senses and help them feel proud, confident and empowered. At preneLOVE, we take pride in creating the kinds of bags we'd want to have at our sides every day.  Stylish, sturdy, easy to take care of -- it's a combination that's easier said than done!  But we love doing it, because we know the joy that comes from having a bag you love.  And those are the bags we love to make.

Love isn't just in our name, it's in everything we do.  From designing each bag ourselves, to hand selecting our finishes, to taking pride in our top-notch customer service, we want every moment you spend with preneLOVE and our products to be one you love, too.