Why VERI PERI Chose Them:

We love that they create easy to wear pieces and the best fitting jeans. You can track the journey of their sustainable styles, from beginning to your doorstep. Each eco piece has a unique tracking code on the hangtag, allowing you to see the steps they have taken to ensure the style you’ve chosen meets their Eco standards. We love that they have signed the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action and have joined the Paris Agreement and other Eco-minded fashion companies around the world in reducing carbon emissions, the cause of global warming.


LIVERPOOL prides itself on consistently delivering premium casual clothing with superior fit, comfortable, on-trend fashion at an exceptional value. You can count on us for easy-to-wear styles you’ll reach for again and again. When Liverpool was founded we were all about designing and creating the perfect fitting jeans. The philosophy of fit, comfort and style is intrinsic in our brand. You’ve embraced our jeans as your favorites and we thank you! Every garment is created with the same love, perfect fit and attention to detail, designed to fit every body type. So that when you dress in Liverpool you’ll instantly look and feel your best. After all isn’t that what great clothes are all about? Self expression, creating your own unique style and showing up for life feeling confident. Their eco collection continues their efforts in producing low impact denim styles that have the perfect Liverpool “look” while causing very little effect on the planet. It’s your chance to ‘wear the world better’.