Discover Your Personal Style in Three Simple Steps

Discover Your Personal Style in Three Simple Steps

Discover Your Personal Style in Three Simple Steps

As a certified image consultant and proud boutique owner, my personal style journey has been transformative. Unveiling my unique style personality not only improved how I dressed but also enhanced my shopping experience. Here is a simple three-step process that can help you uncover your personal style, leading to authenticity, boosted confidence, and even financial benefits.

Step 1: Your Wardrobe, Your Story

Take a moment to explore your wardrobe and handpick 3-4 of your absolute favourite outfits or pieces. These are the items that make you feel unstoppable, the ones you'd never dream of parting with. Now, ask yourself: What words come to mind when describing these pieces? Classic, feminine, elegant, sporty, or whimsical? These adjectives likely mirror your personality and preferences, forming the foundation of your personal style. By noting common threads among these pieces, you're setting the stage for a wardrobe that genuinely represents you. Embrace these styles and incorporate more of them into your closet.

Step 2: Curate Your Style Inspiration

Scroll through Instagram, Pinterest, or observe the styles of those around you. Identify looks that captivate you and align with your taste. What about these images appeals to you—the colours, silhouettes, or overall vibe? Use adjectives to describe these elements. This exercise helps you recognize consistent patterns and preferences that draw you in, whether it's minimalistic, bohemian, edgy, or preppy. These descriptors guide you in refining your personal style.

Step 3: Embrace Patterns and Prints

Pay attention to the patterns that consistently catch your eye—stripes, bold prints, florals, or something else. These patterns offer valuable insights into your style, conveying a specific mood or aesthetic that enhances your overall look when incorporated into your wardrobe. Recognizing these patterns is a crucial step in building a cohesive and personalized wardrobe that reflects your authentic self.

Understanding your style prevents impulsive purchases, ensuring each addition to your wardrobe is a deliberate choice. Let your wardrobe reflect the amazing individual you are, saving money and making mindful fashion choices. Share your style words or favourite prints, and I'll help you identify the style they align with. Reach out for personalized style advice or to book a private shopping session.

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