Shape/Silhouette: Oval

Shape/Silhouette: Oval

If your waist area is wider than your shoulders or hips then your silhouette is an oval.

Strengthen the shoulder line to balance middle body fullness. Draw attention up around the face.


  • Jackets or sweaters worn open that are either fingertip or duster length
  • Tops and jackets with details in the shoulder area, such as, yokes, wide lapels, shoulder pads, collars
  • Statement necklaces worn above the bust area or bold earrings
  • Pants and skirt with elastic waistbands that are wider and straighter cut
  • Tapered pants and skirts with longer jackets and sweaters
  • Wide and low necklines such as v-neck, scoup, boat/bateau and strapless
  • Loose, flowy and shorter sleeves
  • Straight to slightly fitted clothing but keep the fabric soft so you avoid unnecessary bulk around the bust, waist and tummy
  • Flowy, soft and medium fabrics
  • Tucking in shirts
  • Bulky shiny fabrics on lower body
  • Bold belts
  • Fitted tight sleeves
  • Tapered or skinny pants on their own (can be paired with flowy sweater/jacket)
  • Bulky fabrics
  • Extra embellishments and details around the midsection such as pleats, pockets and ruffles

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