Shape/Silhouette: Inverted Triangle

Shape/Silhouette: Inverted Triangle

If you have shoulders wider than your hips your silhouette is an inverted triangle.


Balance proportions by minimizing the upper body and emphasizing the lower body. At the ideal weight, an inverted triangle can wear nearly any style successfully. 


  • Sleek shirt and jacket shapes, smooth textures and vertical design lines
  • Stronger colours, interesting patterns and eye catching details in skirts and bottoms
  • Jackets and tops that fit your broad shoulders, consider sizing up
  • Exposed necklines including, v- neck, scoop necks one- shoulder
  • Wear shirts that are low and open
  • High waisted or mid-rise bottoms
  • Colour matching belts to pants/skirts 
  • Shorter jackets
  • Minimal details around shoulder lines 
  • Vertical design details, seams, darts, open jackets 
  • Wide leg pants and full skirts
  • Use interesting design details, bright colours and prints to accentuate your lower body
  • Less fitted, relaxed silhouettes like boyfriend jeans or culottes


  • Jackets that end at the waistline if you have weight gain or thickness through the middle
  • Finishing any part of a garment at the widest part of the body
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